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Dubbing Artists 1

Dubbing-this is one of my favorite topic,. am not telling about dubbing a foriegn language film to malayalam.. (like Aarya,Happy,Thulasi..etc) am talking about dubbing artistes who dub for actors and actresses in malayalam films. I thank blogeswari, coz i am inpired to write this topic after reading her similar tamil dubbing artist topic, now am mostly like to talk about malayalm dubbing artiste..
she is the queen of malayalam dubbing industry. M dubbing department revolves round her.I dont know how a woman's voice can this much attract.. she conquers our heart with her blessed voice..
She started dubbing in late 70s and became noticed by the film Kolilakam (dubbed for Sumalatha, the film was jayan's last film). she has been working over 35 years..Some of her films includes..
1980s :Nokkethadoorath Kannum nattu, Panjagni (Nadiya Moythu), Aaryan (Remya krishnan) Aaranyakam (Saleema- the dumb girl in Nakhashathangal) Chithram,Mukundetta Sumitra Vilikunnu (Renjini),Vandanam (Girija), Ramjirao Speaking( Rekha) Thalavattom (Karthika),Yaathra,Kshamichu ennoru vakku, vicharana, (Sobhana)..
1990s: Ente Suryaputhrikku,Uladakkam(Amala), Godfather, Vietnam colony,Golantharvartha,Kusruthikkattu, Narasimham (Kanaka)
A noteable one is Manichitrathazhu(Sobhana-only for Ganga, Nagavally version was dubbed by tamil artiste Jayageetha) and kilukkam (Revathy- the second half only, that means after Revathy become normal, the first half ,i.e the mad girl version was dubbed by Revathy herself)
2000s: Samyuktha vermma for almost all films like thenkasippatanam,chandranudikunnna dikkil,kuberan,Veendum chila etc. Ishtam (Jayasudha), Mambazhakalam (sobhana),Devadoothan(Jayapradha) ,Vettom(Mythili),Udayananu Tharam,Chandrolsavam etc (Meena), Classmates(Radhika), etc
Her recent film is Body Guard (Nayanthara), that too only the real voice, that means the sound of ammu only..SreejaRavi dubbed for the portion when Nayantara talks to dilip on phone..
Sreeja Ravi.

Another famous dubbing artiste is Sreeja Ravi. she started  her dubbing career in the early 80s. she dubbed for Mathu and Sunitha in many films, like Amaram, Savidham, Appu, Mrugaya,Sadaram, Ayushkalam,etc. Aniyathipravu, Niram (Shalini), Narasimham,Butterflies (Aishwarya), Vesham,Pachakuthira,Mayavi (Gopika), Chronic bachelor (Rambha).she has dubbed for kavya madhavan in almost all films like Meesamadhavan,Thenkasipattanam,Kochirajavu,Dosth,Runway,Lion upto Pappi Appacha. Roma also uses her voice in all her films.except Colors.  In Bodyguard she dubbed for Mithra Kuryan and Nayantara's phone portion..Marykkundoru kunjadu (Bhavana),Chattambinadu ( Lakshmi rai, Meenakshi), Pokkiriraja(Shreya saran), Karyasthan (Akhila), Makeupman (Sheela) are her new works.


 Anandavally is another good dubbing artiste. she was the permannet voice for Geetha in almost all her films, except Adhirathan and Panthayakozhi, in both these films bhagyalakshmi give the voice.Madhavi,Ambika, Mohini,Seema,  are some other actresses who used her voice in almost all thier films.Anandavally's some famous works-Thoovanathumbikal(Sumalatha),Aadharam,vatsalyam,Panjagni (Geetha),Akaaashadooth,Gandhari (Madhavi), Chakoram,Pakshe(shanthikrishna) ,Nadodi (Mohini), Pappayude Swantham Appoos,Golantharavartha,Velanakalude naadu,Ulladakkam (Sobhana) Manichithrathazhu (Vinayaprasad),His highness Abdulla,Sukrutham,Chukkain (Gauthami), Kamaladalam,Kizhakkan Pathrose (Parvathy),Sanmansullavarkku Samadhanam(Karthika), Chandralekha,Notebook (Sukanya).. her latest films are Thanthonni (Ambika)..Anwar (Geetha),Merikkundoru Kunjadu (Vinayaprasad) etc.

Kottayam Shantha was famous for her voice given to Seema in almost all her films.Sarada,Lakshmi,Zareen a wahab are some other actresses used her voice.

Latha raju was director legend Padmarajan's Favourite dubbing artiste. She dubbed for Padmarajan's many films like Shalini Ente Koottukari (Sobha), Koodevide (Suhasini), Kanamarayathu (Sobhana), Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal (Shaari), Thoovanathumbikal (Parvathy) etc. She was an actress and singer also. She did the role of Sheela's sister in Chemmeen.

Jismon is famous for giving voice to Allu Arjun in all his films.
Shammy Thilakan and Shobby Thilakan are actors as well as dubbing artiste.Shammy thilakan dubbed for Prem Nazir in Kadathandan Ambadi. Reghuvaran for Vyuham, Kavacham etc. Now Shobby thilakan is the voice of all villains . He dubbed for Sarathkumar in Pazhassiraja..
Devi,Vimmy Mariam,Ambili, Valsamma, Meerakrishna, Hari, Harippad Soman are some other notable names in this field.

Devi was a child artist. she done the role of kunjupengal in the famous TV serial Oru Kudayum kunjupengalum. Now she is a leading dubbing artist. Some of her works: Kavya Madhavan (Chanthupottu), Gopika ( Veruthe oru Bharya), Kaniha (Pazhassiraja), Bhavana (Happy husbands),Genilia D'Souza (Happy,Urumi) etc.

Did you Know?
  • Actress Revathy dubbed for Sridevi in Devaragam, Pooja Batra (Megham),Khushboo(Chandrolsavam). 
  • Praveena dubbed for Jyothirmayi (Ente veedu Appuntem), Sada (Novel)..
  • Kaniha dubbed  for Shreya Saran in Sivaji,
  • MeeraNandan dubbed for Thapsi in Doubles


  1. thanx for posting such a good information.Me too are fascinated with beautiful voice of Bhagyalakshmi.And thanks once more.this article was very informative.

  2. thank you foe giving this kind of valuable information.actually i would like to become a dubbing artist

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  6. hai i think sreeja mam voice is so precious. i want to know how many tamil movies she did? please publish for me.

  7. Sreeja lent her voice to two Telugu movies. One is Ramu, Vasanthi, Lakshmi (The retake movie of Vasanthiyum Laxmiyum... & Poolarangudu). I wish to know who dubbed for Shalini in Kaliyoonjal?

  8. A very good and informative article indeed. It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge, I really like the way the writer presented his views.
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  9. Nagavally portion in manichithrathaazhu was done by tamil artist Durga not Jayageetha.......another trivia is ,serial actress Sangeetha Mohan beautifully dubbed for Renuka Menon in film Nammal......also i think the author made a typing error in Devis work for is obviously not chandupottu...

  10. and i really wish to know who dubbed for urvashi in films like kaakkathollaayiram ,yodhaa etc...

  11. also it was singer Krishnachandran who lent voice to Kunchakko Boban in aniyathipraavu (simply superb)and for Vineeth in Kabooliwala and most of the initial films of him and Rahman......famous serial actor Sarath gave voice to Narein in achuvinte amma(most suitable voice ).....

  12. and where is meena neville in list...

  13. actree Rohini lent her voice to aishwarya rai in Raavan

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  14. also rohini dubbed for iruvar,guru for aish....vettaiyadu vilaiyadu for jyothika....bombay indian for maneesha

  15. Suhasini Maniratnam lent voice for Shobhana in Dalapathi (tamil)

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